Patel Infosoft - Reliable Outsourcing

Patel Infosoft is IT & BPO based Proprietor Firm which is represented by Ritesh Patel and located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. It was Founded in January, 2009. It's a BPO Outsourcing Services Provider & IT-BPO Consultant cum the supplier of voice nonvoice services, back office administrative services, including online and offline dataentry services, data processing, SEO, web design-development, web and data research and scanning services, bookkeeping, accounting data entry, data mining, data verification, data filtering and indoor-outdoor advertising services.

Patel Infosoft is an India based outsourcing company that focuses on highly qualitative, timely delivered and cost-effective output. With a rich and varied experience in providing Voice and Nonvoice projects management capabilities and stringent quality standards ensure us to develop solutions that give your business an edge over your competitors. 

Our global outsourcing model makes sure we deliver maximum targeted result to You.

We serve endclients in United States, United Kingdom, UAE, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, SriLanka and other countries. Patel Infosoft is one of the top quality driven freelancing services provider from India.

We offer services to clients across the globe. No matter how complex your data may be, Patel Infosoft gives guaranty an accuracy level of up to 99%. The services offered by Patel Infosoft turns out to be advantageous in several ways as it increases the tempo of your business activities quickly, saves time, saves money and presents you with many other competitive advantages. We have huge group of best qualified centers which are working with good processes and completed previous processes successfully.

We have more than twenty Different types of Works and Bulk works. We provide project to centre as per eligibility and past work experience as per our end clients requirements.We are dedicated quality and to providing affordable, flexible, and dependable services to meet every back office and administrative requirement.

Mission : Our mission is to provide the best back offices solutions available in the market today. You will not find another service provider that is more flexible or responsive! We collect work or bulk works from end clients or companies on target based. We charge to end clients for min. 99% accurate output. We give guaranty for highly accurate work output as per quality parameters.

Vision : Our services are efficient, affordable and swift. Our vision is to maintain nearly 99% accuracy and to deliver every project on time and within the budget parameters of the project. Our goal is to support the client with any and all back office technology tasks and to accurately and effectively complete these projects.

We are looking for good, experienced workers and centres who can give high qualify output to our end clients. We want to do transparent business with end clients & business associates.
Our Mainly Services are:

  • Freelancing Services
  • Voice Nonvoice Campaign Outsourcing
  • BPO, KPO, RPO & LPO Services
  • Database Creation / Database Filtration/ Data Mining
  • Toll Free Numbers
  • Linux-Windows Web Hosting
  • Domain Registration
  • Data Recovery Service
  • Web Designing-Development
  • Google-Yahoo-Bing Promotion
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization
  • Online Advertising
  • Indoor Outdoor Publicity
  • Google Adwords, Facebook, Bing Advertisements

Our Motto is
" Listen First & Outsource Second "

We are serving freelancing works and bulk works like voice nonvoice processes from last 5 years.

Single User Works

We provide various types of online-offline home based works to Individual Persons.

We have a wide variety of home based single users works from companies around the world.

We offer Freelancing Services like Online data entry, Offline Data Entry, Image Entry, OCR Cleanup, Survey Processing, Data Mining and Data Cleaning, Data Conversion, Document Conversion, Catalog Conversion, Book Conversion, PDF Conversion, Image Scanning & Indexing, Data Capturing, Report checking etc.

Our single users job opportunity is open for All, with no age limit nor qualification barrier. You will be provided necessary video guideline / working steps / training as well as guidance through out the entire work.

We charge security fees to join work. Joining fee depends on work. Also provide Legal security where require. It's optional.

Nothing has to pay Any Fees before to join work. First read complete details, know work, calculate your benefit, ask your doubts and then after join. We provide mail support during working days for work related issues.

After Joining work will be delivered within 24-48 hours. Weekly / Monthly workload will be provided to you and you have to submit work daily / weekly / monthly as per work criteria.

We outsource these type of jobs to single users who can work at home/office/cyber cafe or anywhere with basic requirement of Computer, Internet Connection. Workers must have Basic Knowledge of Computer, Internet etc.

We bring these works from MNC Companies, Govt. or Private Sectors with commitment of target, accuracy level, time limit. We outsource workload in weekly-monthly partition as per work criteria to single users. We pay high payout against good quality output.

Current Available Works

No.Work NameCategory
1Ad Posting WorkOnline
2CV to Excel ( Data Mining )Offline
3Video Download Upload WorkOnline + Offline
4Online Form Filling WorkOnline
5Offline Form Filling WorkOffline
6Websites Screenshot Capturing WorkOnline
7Convert-Translate Copy Paste WorkOnline+Offline
8PDF Article Creation WorkOnline+Offline
9Lead Generation WorkOnline
10Google Place Map Config WorkOnline
11Bulk Ad Posting WorkOnline
12Resume Creation WorkOnline
13Survey Calling WorkSingle User Call Centre
14Address Book Creation WorkOffline Mobile Work
15CV Rearrangement WorkOffline
16Email Sending WorkOnline
17Text to Image WorkOffline
18Whois Record Creating WorkOnline
19Poster Creation WorkOnline+Offline
20Portfolio Creation WorkOnline+Offline
21Graphic Image Conversation WorkOffline
22Image Cropping Editing WorkOffline
23Status Finding WorkOnline
24Call Identification WorkOnline
25Data Mining WorkOnline
26Link Exchange WorkOnline
27Web to Excel WorkOnline
28File Renaming WorkOffline
29URL Shortening WorkOnline
30eCommerce Product Listing WorkOnline
31Image Uploading WorkOnline
32Online Copy Paste WorkOnline
-Audio Editing WorkUPCOMING
-Video Making WorkUPCOMING

After reading complete information regarding your selected work,
If you have any query-question then Contacts us on our 
Official E-Mail IDs : /

Voice Nonvoice Projects

We ( Patel Infosoft ) Provide Genuine Projects which pay high amount and you can get better benefit. We are dealing in Voice, NonVoice, Inbound, Outbound, Government - NonGovernment Projects, Online & Offline Processes with Legal Procedure.

We outsource processes by using two types of methods. Direct & as a Consultant. Direct outsourcing conduct by us directly and as a consultant We Provide Direct end-clients Contact details or make collaboration between centre and end client. You have to pay just nominal consultancy charges and royalty some times. It's depends on process.

We have put details regarding available Processes to outsource as soon as possible. We update our site weekly basis and as per status of process availability.

We collect Company profile from centre and some documents with consultancy charge for sign up procedure. We have put all basic information about available processes which can help to understand and easy to judge which is better. We collect material where available from end-client and put on website for full details.

Here we have put basic details regarding available processes which enough to understand. Demo,Training or require software knowledge will be provided by us or direct team. You should have to apply for process and you must have eligible for that process for further procedure with Sample work and training.

Consultancy charge would not be return in that case if your have provide insufficient documents or wrong documents instead of require compulsory documents.

No.CategoryProject TitleAvailability in Location
1OfflineCV to Excel Data ExtractionAnywhere
2OfflineOffline Form FillingAnywhere
3OnlineOnline Form FillingAnywhere
4OfflineVodafone Nonvoice CampaignGujarat
5OnlineHDFC Form Filling ProcessGujarat
6InboundTATA Docomo Voice ProcessGujarat
7InboundBankbazaar Inbound Voice ProcessAnywhere
8OutboundSemalt Outbound Sells ProcessAnywhere
9OutboundOutbound Survey ProcessGujarat

If you have any query-question so please write to us on 
E-Mail ID : /

Franchisee / Reseller / Dealership

We offer franchise to people to join in the growth and expansion of Patel Infosoft.

The franchise can provide basket of online and offline work and projects. You can earn handsome Commission per outsource & Royalty every month. The franchise will be provided Our products updates. We are not able to handle all customers who belongs from different locations. For Best customer Support only one solution works and It's Franchise system.

We want to provide best customer support in every location where our workers work for us. We want to give perfect training with full support. That's why we offer to people to join us.

When you will start a franchise, you will get full support for every step to improve your Income. Our goal is your & our success. We provide huge commission & Royalty for refer our company to centers and individual persons.

Operational structure for franchise : Once approved as our franchise you will start your own outsourcing business. The main role of Franchise is to give support to centers / workers and help them for their works. Documentation procedure, Feedback, Technical Support and Payment will be provided by our side. You just have to give proper guideline about work / process & help them to get better output.

You may work with is in two way. Using our company name or your own firm also.

Basic Requirements For Franchise :-

1. Min. One computer with internet connection.

2. Good knowledge of Computer & Internet.

3. Good dealings & convince power.

Franchise Fees - Rs.50,000 One Time Only ( No Renewal Charges )

Rs.25,000 at time of Sign up & Rs.25,000 will be deducted from your franchisee income.

Benefits of Franchisee : 

1. 20% Commission on each Membership Fee / Upfront charges.

2.  Get 10% Incentive ( Royalty ) on monthly Income.

3.  Free Online Advertisements by us.

4.  Email Addresses and Mobile Numbers Database will be provided.

5.  Business Webpage under our official website.

6.  Inquiries Leads near by you.

7.  New Work / Process updates and materials.

Documents Require :

1. Address proof of Individual / Company.

2. Owner's Photo ID.

3. Owner's Photo.

4. Location's 4-6 Photographs. ( From outside & inside )

Joining Procedure :

( 1 ) Provide require mentioned documents by email or courier with franchisee fees.

( 2 ) You can complete joining procedure for Franchisee in two ways. Online or Offline sign up.

Online Procedure : Franchisee sign up could be possible from your location. In that way Payment by Online Bank Transfer or send DD / Cheque by courier at our office Address. Agreement will be sent within 3-5 days by post at your address. Bank Account Details - Click Here.

Procedure at Office : Confirm The Date On Which day Want To Sign up. For Legal Formalities at our Office The Franchisee Need To Pay Franchisee Fees To Us At The Time Of Sign Up. Legal Agreement will be provided on same day.

( 3 ) After completing Joining procedure, Franchisee will be activated within 24-48 hours and further procedure will be started from our side. Franchisee material will be provided by Email or courier as per possibility.

If you have any question regarding Franchise then write to us

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Newspaper Advertising

Newspaper Ads, Classifieds, Matrimonial Ads, Job Ads, Business Ads...

Newspaper advertising is one of the most common ways to advertise. Newspaper advertising usually provides advantages of greater market share in many locations.

Newspaper advertising comes in two major division: Display or classified. Newspaper ads considered display ads are those that span multiple columns horizontally and often include graphics and borders. Classified newspaper advertising is in-column advertising that follows the natural flow of the column down the page vertically.

Classified advertising is usually the cheapest option for most people and appeals to those who are after a certain market. For example, those seeking to rent an apartment, find a job, or buy a pet typically may use classified ads to aid in their searching. Although not traditional to classified ads, many publications offer small graphics and borders with classified ads. Classified ads are usually found in a specific section.

Display ads are generally higher profile ads that take up, in many cases, significant portions of the page. Typically, display ads may take up an eighth, quarter, half or full page. In some cases, the ad may take up two facing pages, those these ads are rare in newspaper advertising simply because of the cost. Display ads may either be in color or black and white, with the color option costing more. Display ads can be found throughout the paper.


While many people may view radio as a less popular medium than the Internet or television, the truth is that radio still manages to penetrate areas of our daily lives still off-limits to other media. Consumers can listen to radio in their vehicles, in waiting rooms, in many restaurants and a number of grocery stores. Radio advertising targets that captive audience through a series of 30 second or 60 second spots which promote products or services in a memorable way.


With billions of faithful viewers scattered across Gujarat, the medium of television is considered by many marketing experts to be the ultimate platform for targeted advertising. A single 30 or 60 second television commercial broadcast during an event can easily reach the eyes and ears of billions of potential customers. Television advertising also has the power to connect with the broadest audience simultaneously.

Television advertising is similar to radio advertising in the sense of relaying a specific sales pitch in a limited amount of time.

Outdoor Advertising

We deal in Kiosks, Hoardings and Signages. Its web of kiosks and hoarding is spread through out the Ahmedabad city. It has been successfully providing one stop solution in outdoor advertising to all its clients. Het Graphics is also known for its innovations and ideas in the industry.

Unipoles and Hoardings :Hoardings refers to a large board at the side of a road, used for displaying advertising posters [Old French hourd palisade]. And Unipoles refers to larger advertising board on one single pole. Check out the fact figures of Het Graphics’ hoardings

  •     30+ HOARDINGS in only Ahmedabad city
  •     95% of hoardings are eye catching UNIPOLES
  •     All hoardings are either front-lit or back-lit
  •     Our Design of the Hoardings is selected as a model by the Ahemedabad Urban Development Authority(AUDA) and Ahemedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC)

This is smaller version of Hoardings. But are in back sides of Road Signages. These tiny and cute little structures are besides roads, and have high amount of visibility among road side walkers. We have:

    250+ signages at prime roads in Ahmedabad city
    80+ signages at Surat city
    80+ signages at Vadodara city
    80+ signages at Gandhinagar city
    50+ signages at Rajkot city
    30+ signages at Junagadh city
    30+ signages at Mehsana city
    20+ signages at Patan city
    20+ signages at Unja city

Light Pole Kiosks :A small advertising structure on street light pole is called Light Pole Kiosks. We have:

    2000+ Street light pole kiosks covering almost all prime locations in Ahmedabad city.

Mall Advertising

Now a day, so many people make their purchases from malls. It is emerging as new outdoor advertising wing. As a heavy weight outdoor adverting agency Het Graphics and its associates has good network in almost all malls across the Ahmedabad city.

Magazine Ads

The diversity of magazines available today is staggering. From dog lovers to funeral directors, there seems to be a magazine for everyone. Advertisers are aware that a strategically placed ad in the right magazine can improve their business many times over. If you look at the glossy magazines, they seem to be almost 80% advertisements. The magazine advertising within their pages reflects the message of the magazine and the audience they are trying to reach.

For Charges Details - Contact us with your Requirements.

Get Your Business Online

Across India, more and more people are connecting with local businesses online. Make sure they connect with yours with a free professional website. Help customers find you easily and be where they are. It's easy. Really fast. And absolutely free. So get your business online.

Now get your business online in 3 easy steps!

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Send your Details;

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Website Installation & Making Charge : Rs.1000

Email Addresses & Mobile Numbers Database
Business development is depended much more on the steps you take in the direction towards success. Success is  never easy to be achieved. If you do not have the right approach then probably you will not be able to taste the flavor of success. It is seen that most of the business officials are always on the look for achieving success.

In order to clear off the road to success it is essential that you should contact those who can help you to gain an increase in your business revenue. Most of the companies and especially new companies in their developing stage look for new clients all the time. It is not easy to carry on research on who may require your business services. If you are looking for something that can be great help to you then it is recommended that you should look for other business organizations which are in dire need of the type of the services you provide.

In business it is necessary that you should try to reach out to new buyers or the customers. If you are running any business then you may perhaps know this that how important is marketing. You can do marketing in various ways. You can publish in news papers, post on net etc. There are even chances that you will gain much more business as well.

Looking for new clients. Well, if you are looking for new clients then you need to know this that you can not have the chance to gain newer clients until or unless you take the right step. If you know the mailing addresses of the business organization or the companies who may perhaps be interested in taking the type of the services you provide then you can have the chance to gain more enhancement in your business.

If you are running a business then it is essential that you should on focus much more on development. Bringing development in any business or enhancing any business is not that easy. A proper appraoch is pretty much essential. If you are the one who doesn't know how  to move on or whom to contact then you can never be the winner in business field. Most of the business communities or business organizations know this that the profit or loss in business is much more depended on whom you contact or who you work with. It is not required to mention the same thing again and again that your contacts bring newer business opportunities. If you are running a business and you know much more about the market place then you can easily carry on with your business.

Always remember that t the customer  should be treated as a king and if you do not show them that you are specially taking care of him  and consider him to be one of the best client then you will not be able to impress the client. Always impress your clients and if you do not have the patience then you will not achieve the goal.

We have the specialized knowledge and expertise to ensure your marketing campaign is targeted and precise. We provide simple database solutions and deliver tailored products relevant to your values, objectives, target audience and budget.

We provide direct marketing services and b2b databases to help our clients understand, target and build relationships with business decision-makers throughout the India.

We have the knowledge and expertise to provide guidance and support, ensuring your target market is reached, your marketing campaign is structured and new market opportunities are maximized.

With over India business records available for tailoring by geography, industry and company size to name a few, we ensure your data planning strategies are precise, targeted and optimized for any telemarketing or mailing list campaign.

We have served an impressive list of household names and industry leading clients, providing directly to mobile communications companies, exhibition organisers, advertising and media agencies, retail chains and business start-ups to name a few.

  1. 50,000 Indian Mobile Number Database : Rs.500
  2. 1000 Indian B2B Leads - Name, Email & Mobile Number : Rs.1000
  3. 1000 India Based CV Database : Rs.1000
  4. 5000 Unique & Working Classifieds Website list : Rs.500 
  5. 1 Lac Indian Email Addresses : Rs.500

If you are looking for databases of your local or your locality or of any city or country then you can take our help. We provide genuine databases to clients across the globe. You can receive all genuine business listings with email addresses, contact number and all necessarily details.

Classifieds Portal @ Just Rs.3000

Create your own Classified Website and Let Others Post Ads to Your Site and Earn Easy Unlimited. Get Google Adsense Account Free with classified website and Earn Money Online with Google Adsense Guaranteed Earning.

People will visit to your website. They will post ads on your FREE ad posting website and you will earn without doing anything.

We have designed the portal looking all the aspects of the classified industry. The classified portal designed by us matches with the features provided by famous portal. Online Classified Advertising is a modern trend in online marketing as it facilitates prospective buyers and sellers a platform to meet and perform business activities effortlessly. Online advertisements are posted by the sellers for their products or services. These advertisements are placed at proper categories for quick and easy viewing. The sellers have the choice to post the advertisements for free and also for a nominal fee to get quick responses. The buyers can view their suitable advertisements by providing their requirements. This would increase the links in your website which attracts more traffic to the website.

Features :

Fully Customized Front Page : Choose from five different color schemes and two different page layouts. You can also upload your own logo and banner ads which makes it easy to brand your site.

Custom Fields & Forms : Easily create your own custom fields & forms with our simple builder. Each category can have it’s own set of custom fields. You decide the order, field type, and if it’s a required field. It’s really that easy.

Auto-Complete & Suggest Search : The auto-complete feature enables a real-time AJAX search that displays all matching results. With the suggest search feature, misspellings or related search terms are displayed on the results page which will help direct your visitors in the right direction.

Social Networks Login : The rise of social networks has made logging in with via Facebook, Google, Twitter or Yahoo a necessity. This plugin makes it super easy for new members to register with your site and existing members to login.

Advanced Search : It allows you to create category-specific search modules so your visitors can easily refine their search results.

Facebook Friends Widget : Allow visitors to “Like” you and proudly display your friend connections on your website with this powerful Facebook widget. This will help you grow your Facebook connections faster than before since it can be prominently displayed on any of your pages.

Ad Management : Your customers get their own personalized dashboard where they can edit, view, pause, and even re-list their ads. They can even modify their profile and change their password. Completely self-managed options.

Ad Listing Visitor Stats : See which ad listings are your most popular on a daily and lifetime total.


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Website Making Time : 7-10 Days

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